OMG what not to wear on a date

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avoid by omglookatyou featuring American Apparel
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1. Super trendy pieces – like harem pants, shoulder pads… most boys just don’t get it
2. A too sexy outfit – balance is the key & that requires flaunting one feature at a time
3. Wild hair accessories – same boat as number one
4. Too much make-up – you don’t want to look too artificial
5. Uggs/Leggings – it looks like you are going to class
6. Anything you’re not used to wearing – heels, a dress that needs constant readjusting
7. Ill-fitting clothes –  if it’s too tight, it’s not flattering!
8.Big purse – makes it seem like you have a ton of possessions
9. Clothes that are too androgynous – save the menswear for a night out with your friends
10. Something that’s completely not you! – you won’t feel comfortable if you’re trying to achieve a look that your friend picked out for you, and not feeling comfortable with how you look never seems attractive

OMG Formal Date Wear!

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formal by omglookatyou featuring Steve Madden shoes
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OMG Look at this coffee date collage!

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coffee date
coffee date by omglookatyou featuring BDG pants
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OMG look good on a date!

December 5, 2009 - One Response

I think almost every girl (maybe guy too!) can attest to thinking a little too hard about what to wear on a date with someone you really like.  From trying on way too many things to incessant mirror primping, it can be a stressful experience. This week I’m going to make collages that show cute looks that are right for dates that take place in different settings, from the coffee “pre-date” to the dinner & a movie date to the formal date. Stay tuned!

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OMG Look at these casual outfit ideas from UO

December 5, 2009 - One Response

All of these looks are from Urban Outfitters, but the concept is pretty universal. These models aren’t dressed to the nines or innovative fashionistas anything, but they would make a good impression on a professor or a classmate, and stay comfy.